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Jay Aldridge - International trade, marketing, advertising, non-profits

Lee Anderson - Banking, financial planning, credit & loans

Don Benjamin - Food & restaurants, business management

Bob Burkholder - Patents, trademarks, engineering, technology,

 new products, strategic planning, non-profits

Ellen Burnett - Startup, selling a business

Laura Burrow - Business operations, finance and accounting

Gavin Cochran - Funding, credit, business management

Fred Cort - Strategic and business planning, non-profits

Bob DiCello - Small business owner, franchising, marketing

Steve Drake - Strategic planning, start-Up, growth, management

Al Ferrigno  -Attorney, legal services

Jim Getz  -Sales, financial analysis, business management

Ann Gilley-Human resources, business strategy and planning, sales, marketing and public relations

Kent Hale - Manufacturing, product development, business operations

Betty Holman - Marketing

Dave Horn - Business operations, financial management

Phil Johnson –Sales and marketing, business operations, manufacturing and product development

Rob Kahn- Sales, marketing, public relations, manufacturing, product development,

intellectual property

Frank Lazar - Business knowledge, financial planning

Tom Malkus - Technology, business operations, sales

Bill McCabe-Sales, marketing, public relations, business planning and strategy, finance and accounting, business operations, non-profit

Walter Pawlowski--Business knowledge, Not for profit operations, government contracting

Nils Weibull - Sales Management, OEM, international